For the defense, representation and promotion of the Spanish table olive industry.

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8 November, 2019

ASEMESA rejects that the olive is an exchange currency for illegal aid to AIRBUS

The association meets with a delegation of European MP parliamentarians, who asks for their support in Brussels to “urgently eliminate” US tariffs. Airbus earns more than […]
15 May, 2019

José Ignacio Montaño, new president of ASEMESA

The fight against tariffs imposed by the US will continue to be a priority objective in this new mandate. The Spanish Association of Exporters and Industrialists […]
14 May, 2019

La Comisión Europea presenta por fin el recurso ante la OMC por la aceituna negra

Bruselas lleva ante la Organización Mundial del Comercio los aranceles de EEUU del 34,75%. La Comisión Europea anunció ayer que hoy mismo llevará ante la Organización […]